So you want to volunteer and be an observer?

This is for what to do after you put your name in to volunteer:

Any training that you will get will probably focus on your legal obligation and what is expected of you as an observer. There will not be enough time to train you on everything to watch out for. Even though the campaign has not gotten back to you yet, assume they will use you. Start your training now.

The best place to start is Bev Harris has been the leader in election transparency and integrity. The first article to read is When is a Recount a Sham?  and About Recounts.

Secondly, become familiar with your state’s laws on recounts:

Wisconsin: Specifically look at chapter 9, especially WI ST § 9.01

Pennsylvania: Look at Chapter 14 especially Article XVII

Michigan: Look at Chapter XXXIII

There are many videos on things to look for:



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