Update on Pennsylvania: Volunteers Needed ASAP, New Facebook Group.

Update: fill out the form here to download the affidavit.

New Facebook Group for Pennsylvania

This was posted by Steve Freeman on the Election Integrity Google Group:

According to Steven Rosenfeld, Green party member Aquene Freechild has worked with John Bonifaz and is now in Pennsylvania trying to coordinate the petition signatures. They are also working with longtime group member Mary Beth Kuznik

Begin forwarded message:

From: Aquene Freechild

Subject: [Hand-Recount-16] Fwd: Urgent volunteer help needed for PA Recount 16 effort

Date: November 24, 2016

To: recount-2016

Hi Recount team,

Here’s an update on how things are going in PA.

It appears we do need to get 3 volunteers to submit an affidavit from each precinct. We have missed the deadline in ~4 counties to file, we know we do have time to file in 3 other key counties. We are focusing our efforts in areas with paper ballots, we have about 100 volunteers right now. We don’t know yet if we have time to file or not in the majority of the counties. PA recount law summary we’ve been using: http://ceimn.org/ceimn-state-recount-laws-searchable-database/states/Pennsylvania

Looking forward to legal help from the lawyers in NYC to get all these affidavits done, some we will need to file tomorrow.



This form explains what we are doing in PA and gives folks the chance to volunteer for different roles.

I’ll be holding daily calls with old and new PA folks.

I am also getting a bunch of higher level volunteers and data folks, will be starting lists for both groups. We are keeping a running tally of reports of anomalies and organizing by precinct.

Best, Aquene


Hello PA recount volunteers, Thank you so much for stepping up!

We need to strategize on outreach if we hope to successful between now and Monday at 4pm. I can also answer some of the most commonly asked questions.

Volunteers needed – please email me directly if you can take up one or more of these roles: 

– Precinct captains commit to making sure their precinct files the affidavit required on time. I am assuming most of you are in this role. Please let me know if you can’t do this, otherwise I will be counting on you to file an affidavit unless the deadline has passed in your county.

– County captains to work to get as many precincts in the eligible counties filed as possible. Email me to sign up (email redacted)

– Need someone to commit to calling through the County board of elections offices we haven’t yet reached first thing Friday morning at 8:30 to find out what day they finished canvassing. Will provide the needed contact information. Need someone who can be persistent and make sure we reach them via email or however is needed, so we can move forward with putting together affidavits confident we have the correct timeframe.

– We need a social media team to help with our outreach – we have some great graphics another volunteer made we could use (attached). We’d like to get 1-2 fresh sample posts and tweets every day between now and Monday to find those elusive volunteers – maybe some that are PA focused.

– Thanks to Nina and Rachael for their support with data. I could still use more volunteers if we get the avalanche of volunteers I am expecting.

– The fundraising race has begun to actually pay the lawyers and election officials required for the recounts in WI, and subsequently PA and MI. Please consider contributing here: https://jillstein.nationbuilder.com/recount.
Now that fundraising has commenced, we should get some much needed legal support, including sample affidavits and answers to some of the other questions that have been popping up about what the county canvass is, when it starts and when it officially ended.

I know this is just about the worst timing ever – we all have major family obligations and some long hours in the kitchen planned tomorrow. Thanks for doing what you can. Best, Aquene

New Facebook and Twitter for the National Recount effort:



In solidarity, Aquene


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    1. You can go here, click that you will fill out the affidavit and fill out the form. It will give you directions on what is need to be done. On that site is a video that was just posted talking about how the recount works in Pennsylvania.

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