Massive amount of volunteers needed

There are 72 counties in Wisconsin, 83 counties in Michigan, 67 counties in Pennsylvania. During the 2004 election we had about 20-30 observers in our county. I believe that on average we will need at least 15-20 observers for each county plus ideally one coordinator, one backup coordinator/assistant, at least one lawyer. I don’t know about computer security personnel, but ideally 1-2 in each county?

We’ll need 3500 to 4500 people to be observers. We may need even more. These observers will need to be trained.  We’ll need 222 each of coordinators and backup/assistants and at least 222 lawyers and computer security experts.

You can submit your name to volunteer here:

Jill Stein’s Campaign Recount Page

Please note that these are just my thoughts on what is needed. It could be more.





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